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The Road Trip - C

We bumped and squeaked down highway 1, heading southeast away from Reykjavik. Exiting the vast grassy planes we rounded a corner and were now running parallel to the coast. Our vehicle of choice was a lean, mean, commuting machine by the name of Pete. All two of his cylinders fired with all their might as we started winding along the coast.

Waterfall after waterfall, mountain after mountain and “Oh look at that!” after “Oh look at that!” we continued southeast. Just shy of the town of Vik I saw some cliffs in the distance and we decided to try and get up close. Twenty or so minutes later, and after Pete’s first off road experience we found ourselves on top of said cliffs looking down at another one of Iceland’s amazing natural wonders. A huge stone arch carved out by the rough seas. It was speckled with little white dots that we soon realized were sea birds. As we walked back to the car we were nearly knocked off of our feat by the winds. After a major fight with the car doors we were back in Sweet Pete eating Hobnobs.

Past the town of Vik the landscaped changed… and changed… and changed some more. It seemed as if every 15 minutes you were someplace entirely new. From open fields of volcanic rock covered in a thick layer of moss, to black dunes as far as the eye could see, to a barren rock field that eventually led up to a glacial mountain range, the changes kept coming. 

At around 4pm we rolled into the parking lot of the Glacial Lagoon. Unfortunately due to it being to early in the season we were not able to get out in the water, but it was amazing none the less. After a twenty or so minute photo freakout we walked back to the car and headed on to our final destination, Hofn. Another hour on the road and we were there, exhausted but satisfied.

Archway outside of Vik


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